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arnhem airborne 1944 5 times medal with 6 clasp

arnhem airborne 1944 5 times medal with 6 clasp Image

In september 1944 the 1st British Airborne Division tried to the get hold of Arnhem bridge in operation Market Garden. The attempt failed in the heroic Battle at Arnhem. In Hotel Hartenstein Oosterbeek general Urquhart had is HG during the battle and it became the centre of the british defensive lines during the battle. Nowadays hotel Hartenstein is the Airborne Museum. A few kilometres away is the British Airborne cemetary with 2000 commonwealth wargraves related to this battle.Each year the Arnhem battle is remembered in a march alongside the battle area. In the early years the veterans were also walking this march. For sale is a remembrance medal for the Airborne march issued for 5 times. Frontside a Pegasus. On the ribbon the wing for 6 times. Rare medal. Also a photocard of the Airborne Cemetary from the mid fifties (still wooden crosses on the graves).

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