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WW2 medals & pic. - GAINES - Royal West Kent Regt.

WW2 medals & pic. - GAINES - Royal West Kent Regt. Image

All together with a small framed photo and dog tag named to 6381603 (a R.W.KENT R. number) GAINES D., C of E : 1939/45 STAR; ITALY STAR; DEFENCE & WAR MEDALS, and a small 1930 Tug of War medal named to D.GAINES. Photo looks like taken in Italy. Some of the WW2 battle honours for the Royal West Kent Regiment include Centuripe, Monte Rivoglia, Sicily 1943, Termoli, San Salvo, Sangro, Romagnoli, Impossible Bridge, Villa Grande, Cassino1, Castle Hill, Liri Valley, Piedimonte Hill, Trasimene Line, Arezzo, Advance to Florence, Monte Scalari, Casa fortis, Rimini Line, Savio Bridgehead, Monte Pianoereno, Monte Spaduro, Senio, Argenta Gap and Italy 1943-45.

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