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WW2 german Waffen-SS "Totenkopf" Skull Cuff Title

WW2 german Waffen-SS "Totenkopf" Skull Cuff Title Image
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Waffen-SS "Totenkopf" Skull EM Cuff Title, Silver Thread.
German Reproduction Skull (Totenkopf) SS Cuff Title, Officer.
Paul Harding's Bullion SS Cuff Titles are hand embroidered, officer quality, with genuine aluminum silver bullion thread on a black woven wool base with aluminum silver border wire. The detail & craftsmanship is excellent and these cuff titles really enhance a uniform or insignia collection.
as you can see from the photo high quality hand made reproduction.

SS. The name sends shivers down one's spine. The term is associated with brutality and mass killings. This is a mistaken presumption. There were killers in the SS (Allgemeine SS), but the Waffen SS men were warriors. Though some of the SS divisions did commit massacres, there were some divisions like the Nord, Nordland which were clean.

Not allways so clean was the Totenkopf Division. It was initially made up of men who were guards at concentration camps (SS Totenkpfverbande). The men were some of the most dedicated and fierce soldiers of the Third Reich. When things got desperate, the SS men were called in to do near impossible tasks. The fact that Germany survived for so many years after the hiding its armies got in Russia was because of the tough men of the Waffen SS. SS Totenkopf topped the list.

They missed the Polish campaign, Totenkopf was initially held in reserve during the assault into France and the Low Countries in May 1940. They were committed on 16 May to the Front in Belgium. The Totenkopf soldiers fought fanatically, suffering heavy losses.

Within a week of this initial commitment the division's first war crime had already been committed. At Le Paradis 4th Kompanie, I Abteilung, commanded by SS-Obersturmführer Fritz Knöchlein, machine-gunned 97 out of 99 British officers and members of the Royal Norfolk Regiment after they had surrendered to them; two survived. After the war, Knöchlein was tried by a British Court and convicted for war crimes in 1948. He was sentenced to death and hanged.

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