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Jellalabad Somerset Light Infantry - Metal British

Jellalabad Somerset Light Infantry - Metal British Image

Cap badge for the Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) of the type which was in use until 1959 when the Regiment amalgamated with Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry to form the Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry and the Light Infantry Brigade badge was adopted. The badge was unaffected by the changes of title in 1912, Prince Albert's (Somerset Light Infantry) and in 1920, The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's). The 'Mural Crown' superscribed 'Jellalabad' was awarded to the regiment in 1842 for the defence of Jellalabad Fort on the North West Frontier during the First Afghan War, 1838-1848. The 'PA' monogram on the badge acknowledged Prince Albert and the stringed bugle horn was first adopted at the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars by the light company of each regiment and those regiments who converted to light infantry or rifles.

Physical description

open-work white metal badge in the form of a 'stringed bugle-horn' surmounted by a mural crown above which is a scroll inscribed 'JELLALABAD'. In the strings of the bugle are the ornate letters 'PA'.


Jellalabad PA

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